Holly Berejikian (she/her)

BAMF Manager

Hi! I’m Holly, and I’ve been working at Sexy Suz for 10 years. As a hetero married person of 28 years, I can help with all your vanilla needs; I am also well versed in all lifestyles. I’m 100% anti-shaming and will help you pick out toys for any interest, be it your first toy or your biggest toy!

My interests include building Legos, bowling, harm reduction, fun with hair color, and caring for my one eyed dog, Roger McGrowly.

Beka (she/her)

THE Ass. Manager

I am between 25-45 years old. I have 22 tattoos. Yes, I will get more!! Most of them are nods to books or various religions. Wish You Were Here is not because I love Pink Floyd. In my free time I like to clean my house. My favorite color is black. If you are one of the folks who says black isn’t a color, that’s cool, my other favorite color is red.

My favorite part of my job is connecting with customers on a personal level, helping them to find something to fit their specific needs.

I have crooked pinkies. It’s hereditary and kinda neat.

From the year 3030

Samantha/Sophia (she/her)

Dominatrix Educator

Hiya!! My name is Samantha; I also go by Sophia.

I’m Sexy Suz’s high energy goofball and resident BDSM nerd. Been working in the adult industry since 2012 as either a stripper, cam-girl, Pro-Dominatrix, BDSM/sex educator, or in an adult store (even have a Masters Degree in Sex, Violence, and BDSM!). The sex industry is definitely my industry!

When I’m not bouncing around store, you might catch me organizing events downtown; hanging at a dog park with my giant fur babies; or getting into some sort of mischief with friends!