Store Etiquette

Curious about something, but don’t want to ask?
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get in store:

Can I bring my baby, toddler, child in while I shop?
It is illegal for us to allow any minors to be in our store; as such, absolutely no minors of any kind, including newborns, are permitted in our store. We do check IDs.

What is your return policy?
All sales are final, so  please make sure that your selections are appropriate for your use, size, and purpose. We do not do any exchanges or refunds unless a toy is defective (we will exchange it for the same item or store credit within ten days of the original purchase). A receipt is required.

What’s the difference between silicone and water-based lubricants?
Silicone lubes are  hypoallergenic, fantastically silky smooth, and are ideal for anal or longer sexual play; however, they are not compatible for use with silicone or rubber toys. Silicone lube is best used for skin-skin play or metal, glass, or ABS plastic toys. Water-based lubes on the other hand, are safe to use with any and all toys! Water based lubes are typically thicker or more gel-like in consistency, and are the go-to base for tasty flavored lube! 

Do you sell lingerie for all body types?
Yes! We have lingerie for all types of bodies and gender identities, and carry everything from One-Size-Fits-All to Queen (traditional sizing 12-18) to Diva (traditional 18-22)! We also carry stockings, hosiery, and performer heels, and offer attire discounts for webcammers, dancers, and Drag performers!

Do battery-operated toys include batteries?
With the exception of certain button cell battery operated toys, the batteries are all sold separately. But don’t worry! We carry the batteries needed to complete your purchase!

Is CBD legal? Will it make me fail a drug test?
CBD is 100% legal in the state of Georgia. It’s extracted from the hemp of the cannabis plant and is THC free. All the medicinal benefits of the plant without any psychoactive effects!

Are your supplements basically Viagra?
No. Viagra requires a medical prescription, and we are not medical professionals. Our pills contain natural herbal, blends designed to enhance and heighten your sexual experience.

Do you have video viewing rooms?

Like what you see? Interested in working with us?

Join the Sexy Suz Team!

We are always on the look out for amazing folks who are dedicated to sex positive, body positive, and safe(r) sex education! Feel free to swing by the store and drop off a resume (no emails, please).

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Top Sellers

Looking for a toy, but not sure what to get? 
Take at look at some of our top sellers!


Image result for wand sex toy

Body Wands

Image result for vibrating cock ring

Vibrating C-ring

Image result for bullet toy


Image result for stroker toy


Image result for rabbit sex toy

Internal/External Rabbit Vibrators

Image result for butt plugs

Butt Plugs


How do they work? What do they do? Here’s some supplement 101!

Supplements are a stimulant designed to increase libido and boost sexual activity.

Normally sold in a pill form for either males or females, supplements are blends of herbs and natural ingredients that increase blood flow, and thus quickening and elongating time of sexual arousal.

Contrary to popular belief, supplements do not contain Viagra (Viagra requires a medical prescription that must be prescribed by a licensed medical doctor); they simply contain some great libido enhancing herbs!

Some of the popular, known brands of supplements are:

Image result for pink pussycat

Pink Pussycat

Image result for swiss navy max size

Swiss Navy MaxSize

Image result for kangaroo supplement green




Looking to try some kink and fetish play?
We’re here to help! 

Fetish and kink play definitely adds a new level of sexy spice to the bedroom; and when done in a healthy, safe(r) way, fetish and kink play helps increase partner communication; foster a deeper sense of partner intimacy; and builds incredible trust!

If you are new (or just need a refresher!) to fetish and kink play, here’s a few things we at Sexy Suz recommend to help you and your partner(s ) have the best and safest possible experience:

Image result for as kinky as you want to be


1. Read, and then read some more!

Take the time with your partner to read up on fetish and kinky! It’s a great way to make sure you both have the same base knowledge and understanding of terms, safety, and play ideas!

Looking for some good books? We’ve got some great resources in store!


2. Talk about what you want to try!

You and your partners read up? Got the same language and ideas for play? Awesome! Talk about what you want to explore or try!

Fetish and kink play is all about exploring body sensations, and once you’ve learned the language and concepts of kink, it’s up to you and your partner to communicate what body sensations you each want to experience and explore with one another!

Image result for talk

3. Come see us at Sexy Suz!

Once you and your partner have decided what you want to explore, come visit us in store and let us help you find the perfect kink and fetish toys to help you achieve your desired experiences!

We have a wide selection of kink and fetish toys, with everything from beginner friendly to advanced, and have a kink and fetish knowledgeable staff to help you pick the perfect toys!


New to toys? Not sure how to ask, talk about toys?
Here’s some helpful lingo and info:

External Toys:

External toys are generally palm sized or smaller (making them great for travel!), and designed to stimulate areas of the body like the clitoris, penis, nipples, or other erogenous zones. They are normally made of ABS plastic, silicone, or a jelly, rubber material. Their shapes are varied, providing everything from pin-point to dispersed stimulation, making them great for arousing different parts of the body, as well! Here are some staff favorite external toy styles:

Finger Vibes

They come as individuals, doubles; finger tip or full finger sized; and are perfect for stimulating any and all parts of the body.

Image result for bullet vibe blue

Bullet Vibes

Bullets can have anything from a rounded to a pinpoint head; and are ideal for more direct focus stimulation.

Image result for c-ring calexotics


The c-ring is designed to create a pleasant pressure stimulation, with or without vibrations, typically for the shaft.

Image result for rabbit bullet vibe

Rabbit Bullet Vibe

The rabbit bullet is perfect for those seeking a high frequency or super pinpoint stimulation; great for nipple play!

Internal Toys:

Internal toys are designed for vaginal or anal penetration. As they’re typically meant to hit either the g-spot or p-spot, they are normally 4″ in length or longer.  They are  commonly made of silicone, glass, ABS plastic, jelly, or rubber; and can be vibrating or non-vibrating. Internal toys also vary in girth (slender to thick), sensation experiences (warming, thumping, e-stim, ejaculation), speed,  and design. Here are some staff favorite internal toy styles:

Image result for dildo colours

Dildos, Dongs

Typically phallic in shape, dildos and dongs can be vibrating (with or without a remote) or non-vibrating; and can be made to look and feel realistic.

Related image

(G-Spot) Vibrator

Designed to be discreet, g-spot vibrators come in a variety of non-phallic shapes, textures, materials and colors, making them great for beginners!

Image result for thruster sex toy


Designed to mimic penetration, Thruster toys can be a simple handheld toy or a full on machine. They come in a variety of materials, lengths, and girths, and are great for any body.

Image result for anal toy blue

Anal Toys

Designed for anal lovers, anal toys come in a variety of shapes and lengths to help achieve a fullness sensation; and provide better direct stimulation of the p-spot.

Internal/External Toys:

Giving you the ability to stimulate both clitoris and g-spot, OR the clitoris, g-spot, and p-spot, at the same time, internal/external toys are definitely a must have for incredible orgasms! Vibrating internal/external toys are predominately made of jelly, rubber, or silicone materials; and come in as many different girths, lengths, etc. as just external toys or just internal toys!

Image result for vibrator blue

Dual Toy

Dual toys offer great clitoris-vaginal or vaginal-anal fullness!

Image result for g-spot rabbit anal vibrator


Three-in-one toys are the best toys for those looking for the ultimate fullness sensation!



Looking for good lube, not sure what to get?

Here’s some lube 101:

Silicone Based: 

Super silky, long lasting, hypoallergenic, and fantastic for booty play, silicone based lubes are definitely a favorite for sexy times! While excellent for use with condoms or skin-to-skin, silicone should only be used with toys made out of ABS plastic, glass, or medical grade steel (if used on toys made of other materials, silicone can deteriorate the toy).

Water Based:

Thicker than silicone, safe to use with any and all toys, and the base for flavored lubes, water based is a solid go-to for play, and is easy to clean off (no worries for stained sheets — just a little soap and water and all good!) The only downside: they have a tendency to evaporate quicker.

Hybrid Lubes:

Typically a mixture of water and silicone, hybrids offer the best of both worlds: smoother and longer lasting than water based, and gentler on toys that silicone! If you want the gentlest hybrid for your toy, make sure you select a hybrid with no more than 5% silicone in it’s formula.

Oil Based: 

Coconut oil, olive oil, etc. can be found as bases for some lubes; while great for phallic masturbation or for body massages (hello, soft and hydrated skin!), oil based lubes break down latex condoms and disrupt the natural pH balance and  good bacteria systems downstairs!

FIY! Not all lubes are created equal — if you have any body sensitives (like prone to UTI’s or yeast infections), please stop by the store, let us know, and we will help  you make a better, body safe(r) lube choice!

Some Staff Favorites:

Sliquid H2O

(Water Based)

Image result for uberlube


(Silicone Based)

Sliquid Silk

(Hybrid 5%)

System Jo Hybrid

(Hybrid-Oil Based)