Holly Berejikian (she/her)

Manager and Buyer

Holly has been working at Sexy Suz for 10 years. As a hetero married person of 28 years, she can help with all your vanilla needs, but is also well versed in all lifestyles. She is 100% anti-shaming and will help you pick out toys for any interest, be it your first toy or your biggest toy.

Holly’s interests include building Legos, bowling, harm reduction, fun with hair color, and caring for her one eyed dog, Roger McGrowly.

Eric (he/him)


Eric is an Athens townie since 1999. Eric has worked in the adult industry for 3+ years. Being the only male identifying employee, he can best navigate the male-centric products. Even though he does not have a vagina, Eric is well versed in all types of anatomy. Eric does not judge, just charges.

Eric’s hobbies and interests include playing bass guitar, film, art, PS4 and reading. His drink of choice is medium roast coffee with a shot of espresso. Eric frequently quotes The Simpsons much to his coworkers’ disgust.

Beka (she/her)


I am between 25-45 years old.

I have 22 tattoos. Yes, I will get more!! Most of them are nods to books or various religions. Wish You Were Here is not because I love Pink Floyd. In my free time I like to clean my house.

This is my second time in the industry. My favorite part of my job is connecting with customers on a deep and private level, helping them to find something to fit their specific needs. My favorite color is black. If you are one of the folks who says black isn’t a color, that’s cool, my other favorite color is red.

I have crooked pinkies. It’s hereditary and kinda neat.

~ From the year 3030

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