Looking for good lube, not sure what to get?

Here’s some lube 101:

Silicone Based: 

Super silky, long lasting, hypoallergenic, and fantastic for booty play, silicone based lubes are definitely a favorite for sexy times! While excellent for use with condoms or skin-to-skin, silicone should only be used with toys made out of ABS plastic, glass, or medical grade steel (if used on toys made of other materials, silicone can deteriorate the toy).

Water Based:

Thicker than silicone, safe to use with any and all toys, and the base for flavored lubes, water based is a solid go-to for play, and is easy to clean off (no worries for stained sheets — just a little soap and water and all good!) The only downside: they have a tendency to evaporate quicker.

Hybrid Lubes:

Typically a mixture of water and silicone, hybrids offer the best of both worlds: smoother and longer lasting than water based, and gentler on toys that silicone! If you want the gentlest hybrid for your toy, make sure you select a hybrid with no more than 5% silicone in it’s formula.

Oil Based: 

Coconut oil, olive oil, etc. can be found as bases for some lubes; while great for phallic masturbation or for body massages (hello, soft and hydrated skin!), oil based lubes break down latex condoms and disrupt the natural pH balance and  good bacteria systems downstairs!

FIY! Not all lubes are created equal — if you have any body sensitives (like prone to UTI’s or yeast infections), please stop by the store, let us know, and we will help  you make a better, body safe(r) lube choice!

Some Staff Favorites:

Sliquid H2O

(Water Based)

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(Silicone Based)

Sliquid Silk

(Hybrid 5%)

System Jo Hybrid

(Hybrid-Oil Based)

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