Looking to try some kink and fetish play?
We’re here to help! 

Fetish and kink play definitely adds a new level of sexy spice to the bedroom; and when done in a healthy, safe(r) way, fetish and kink play helps increase partner communication; foster a deeper sense of partner intimacy; and builds incredible trust!

If you are new (or just need a refresher!) to fetish and kink play, here’s a few things we at Sexy Suz recommend to help you and your partner(s ) have the best and safest possible experience:

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1. Read, and then read some more!

Take the time with your partner to read up on fetish and kinky! It’s a great way to make sure you both have the same base knowledge and understanding of terms, safety, and play ideas!

Looking for some good books? We’ve got some great resources in store!


2. Talk about what you want to try!

You and your partners read up? Got the same language and ideas for play? Awesome! Talk about what you want to explore or try!

Fetish and kink play is all about exploring body sensations, and once you’ve learned the language and concepts of kink, it’s up to you and your partner to communicate what body sensations you each want to experience and explore with one another!

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3. Come see us at Sexy Suz!

Once you and your partner have decided what you want to explore, come visit us in store and let us help you find the perfect kink and fetish toys to help you achieve your desired experiences!

We have a wide selection of kink and fetish toys, with everything from beginner friendly to advanced, and have a kink and fetish knowledgeable staff to help you pick the perfect toys!

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