DO’s and DON’Ts

RUSH, Jungle Juice or Maximum Impact

Please ask for nail polish remover, tape head cleaner or video head cleaner.  (You may also ask by ingredient, for example isobutyl nitrite.)

Poseidon, Infinity or Kangaroo


Erotica Whip it on… Lick it off!


Quick Fix Plus

This is novelty or fetish urine.


DO: Show your ID when asked….Newborns are under 18

DO: Use proper terminology ie: vagina, anus, etc

DO: Relax….We are all in the same space

DO: Remember we choose to work here

DO: Clean your toys with TOY CLEANER
(not soap, diluted bleach, antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer)

DO: Press and hold to turn off and on *most* toys


DON’T: Leave your condom, supplements, toy, etc, trash in our parking lot

DON’T: Pull around back….We have cameras

DON’T: Use your toy or have sex in our parking lot unless you want to be filmed and put on the internet

DON’T: Call us asking us to discuss products (or pricing)….It can be awkward. We do not price match

DON’T: Laugh about products….You may inadvertently shame someone

DON’T: Steal our demos….That’s bad karma and you will get an infection

DON’T: Be afraid to ask questions….And yes we have heard it all before