Store Etiquette

Curious about something, but don’t want to ask?
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get in store:

Can I bring my baby, toddler, child in while I shop?
It is illegal for us to allow any minors to be in our store; as such, absolutely no minors of any kind, including newborns, are permitted in our store. We do check IDs.

What is your return policy?
All sales are final, so  please make sure that your selections are appropriate for your use, size, and purpose. We do not do any exchanges or refunds unless a toy is defective (we will exchange it for the same item or store credit within ten days of the original purchase). A receipt is required.

What’s the difference between silicone and water-based lubricants?
Silicone lubes are  hypoallergenic, fantastically silky smooth, and are ideal for anal or longer sexual play; however, they are not compatible for use with silicone or rubber toys. Silicone lube is best used for skin-skin play or metal, glass, or ABS plastic toys. Water-based lubes on the other hand, are safe to use with any and all toys! Water based lubes are typically thicker or more gel-like in consistency, and are the go-to base for tasty flavored lube! 

Do you sell lingerie for all body types?
Yes! We have lingerie for all types of bodies and gender identities, and carry everything from One-Size-Fits-All to Queen (traditional sizing 12-18) to Diva (traditional 18-22)! We also carry stockings, hosiery, and performer heels, and offer attire discounts for webcammers, dancers, and Drag performers!

Do battery-operated toys include batteries?
With the exception of certain button cell battery operated toys, the batteries are all sold separately. But don’t worry! We carry the batteries needed to complete your purchase!

Is CBD legal? Will it make me fail a drug test?
CBD is 100% legal in the state of Georgia. It’s extracted from the hemp of the cannabis plant and is THC free. All the medicinal benefits of the plant without any psychoactive effects!

Are your supplements basically Viagra?
No. Viagra requires a medical prescription, and we are not medical professionals. Our pills contain natural herbal, blends designed to enhance and heighten your sexual experience.

Do you have video viewing rooms?

Like what you see? Interested in working with us?

Join the Sexy Suz Team!

We are always on the look out for amazing folks who are dedicated to sex positive, body positive, and safe(r) sex education! Feel free to swing by the store and drop off a resume (no emails, please).

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Store Etiquette

Coming into the storm for the first? Awesome!
Here’s some sex store etiquette us staff members would like you to know:


  • Show your ID when asked (yes, newborns are under 18).
  • Respect that we are a staff of diverse, professional sex educators; and we choose to work in this industry.
  • Remember that we are an inclusive and welcoming sex positive, body positive, and safe(r) sex store, that provides a safe space for questions, learning, and empowerment about adult activities.
  • Remember that this is a public place of business with cameras.
  • Be a responsible adult and use proper terminology ie: vagina, anus, etc
  • Use TOY CLEANER to clean your toys (rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t clean the inside of your anus with it, don’t clean your toy with it!)
  • Ask if you are uncertain how something should be used; toy and body safety is important!
  • Feel free to relax and ask us questions — we all genuinely love to help!


  • Argue with us about ID’s — we do reserve the right to refuse service.
  • Make a  racial or discriminating comment or statement -we do not tolerate that and you will be asked to immediately leave the store.
  • Be purposefully lewd – we are at our job, and we don’t consent to being a part of your fetish or fantasy.
  • Loudly laugh or make jokes about products – while something maybe a joke to you, it’s enjoyable for another.
  • Leave your condom, supplements, or toy trash, etc. in our parking lot, or have sex in our parking lot — our security cameras do record.
  • Steal our demos – do you really want to use a toy on your genitals that’s been touched by others?
  • Open boxed toys – they’re boxed to keep them as clean as possible; if you’d like to see a toy, please bring it to a staff member and they will be happy to either open it for you or show you a comparable demo.


Some guidelines for asking about products:

If you’re looking for something but don’t know the proper name for it, that’s okay! If you can politely describe the intended function of the product, our staff will be able to help assist you find what you’re looking for!

Certain products, like male/female enhancement supplements, RUSH, JungleJuice, whipped cream chargers and other nail polish removers, tape head cleaners, video head cleaners or isobutyl nitrites, we do keep behind the counter.

Please be advised: “poppers”, “whippits”, and other such inhalants are illegal in the state of Georgia; we do not carry any of those in store and if someone asks for them or states they intend to use in such a manner, we will refuse service and you will be asked to leave the store immediately.


Holly Berejikian (she/her)

BAMF Manager

Hi! I’m Holly, and I’ve been working at Sexy Suz for 10 years. As a hetero married person of 28 years, I can help with all your vanilla needs; I am also well versed in all lifestyles. I’m 100% anti-shaming and will help you pick out toys for any interest, be it your first toy or your biggest toy!

My interests include building Legos, bowling, harm reduction, fun with hair color, and caring for my one eyed dog, Roger McGrowly.

Beka (she/her)

THE Ass. Manager

I am between 25-45 years old. I have 22 tattoos. Yes, I will get more!! Most of them are nods to books or various religions. Wish You Were Here is not because I love Pink Floyd. In my free time I like to clean my house. My favorite color is black. If you are one of the folks who says black isn’t a color, that’s cool, my other favorite color is red.

My favorite part of my job is connecting with customers on a personal level, helping them to find something to fit their specific needs.

I have crooked pinkies. It’s hereditary and kinda neat.

From the year 3030

Samantha/Sophia (she/her)

Dominatrix Educator

Hiya!! My name is Samantha; I also go by Sophia.

I’m Sexy Suz’s high energy goofball and resident BDSM nerd. Been working in the adult industry since 2012 as either a stripper, cam-girl, Pro-Dominatrix, BDSM/sex educator, or in an adult store (even have a Masters Degree in Sex, Violence, and BDSM!). The sex industry is definitely my industry!

When I’m not bouncing around store, you might catch me organizing events downtown; hanging at a dog park with my giant fur babies; or getting into some sort of mischief with friends!